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A Stand-alone DC system is very use full in modern life . We can work our DC lights, fan, music systems and mobile charging. The Stand-alone system is an excellent replacement for propane or kerosene lights in a remote cabin, a recreational vehicle or a boat. At first these systems are basically designed to cater to the requirements of Rural Lighting but now all new houses are wired for this system to reduce electricity bills and escape from power cuts. The entire system efficiency, cost and perfoments are more attractive than AC power. The total power device consists of solar DC charge controller, DC light fittings tubular battery’s


► DC volt out put 12V or 24V. ► Ideal for Home, House boats and playground lighting and working DC Fan and Music system and mobile charger. ►It is manually controlled system. ► Its Power consumption is very low and get very good back up. We can charge the battery with the help of solar cell. ► Its Initial coast is also very low. ► No further expense. ► Low maintenance. ► It is a kind of small inverter and anyone can afford its price.


Out put Direct Current ( DC) 12 V or 24 Volt
LED Light Source 1 W, 3W, 6W, 9W, 12W, 18W, 36W and above
CFL Light Source 6W, 9W, 12W, 18W, 36W and above
DC Fan 15W and above with 3 and 4 leaf
Light Fixture Un Breakable Plastic/metal with powder coating
SPV module Depended up on capacity of light
Driver technology Micro Controller Based C.C.C.V.
Battery 12V/flyline lead Acid Battery
Inverter Advanced control system with 12V/24V and different capacity's
Efficiency >90%
Operation Manual

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