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Solar water heater

Murickens Group is the one of the fastest growing solar water heater industry manufacturer located in kerala, india. we are only responsible for the manufacturing and supply of quality based solar products.All MG and Flyline branded solar products have various international quality certifications.MG FPC and ETC models of solar water heaters are available.FPC solar water heater have low maintanance cost compared to ETC models.Different capacity solar water heaters are available, 125 ltrs,150 ltrs etcup to 3000 ltrs.

Solar water heater working Mechanism

The rays of the Sun strike the collector panel.Inside of the collectors we can see a black absorbing surface (envelope) .That absorbs solar radiation and transfers the heat energy to the water flowing through it. The hot water is collected in an insulated container to reduce heat loss.

Parts of the Solar Water Heating System

Solar hot water system consists of a flat plate solar collector
Storage tank located behind the collector, and connecting pipes.
Two types of solar water heaters are available FPC (Flat Plate Collector) and ETC (Evacuated Tube Collector).

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Flat Plate Collector(FPC)

Flat Plate Collector(FPC) solar water heater is manufactured by Murickens group.This model is made up of copper tube.This model have low maintenance cost.

Evacuated Tube Collector(ETC)

Evacuated Tube Collector(ETC) is made with glass tubes instead of copper tubes.this model is low expensive compared to ETC model

S.No Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) Flat Plate Collector (FPC)
1 Quickly heat water Slowly heat water
2 The efficiency of the collector on higher temperature is high The efficiency of the collector on higher temperature is low
3 Negligible heat loss in the tubes during the daytime (evacuated tube solar water heater) Higher heat loss (due to convection) in the collector & tank during the day-time
4 Convection and Convecting losses are low Convection and Convecting losses are high
5 Low emissivity High emissivity
6 Satisfactory performance (-18 deg. C) even in extreme cold condition Freezing of water will take place at high altitude can cause damage to the collector
7 Temperature range (heat water) from 60degrees to 120 degrees Temperature range (heat water)from 60 degrees to 80 degrees
8 Easy to replace glass tube Difficult as well as expensive to replace glass sheet
9 Negligible scaling of tubes which can be cleaned manually (inner tube dia. Is 37mm) hence, loss of efficiency consequently is minimal Heavy scaling of the copper/aluminum tubes which cannot be cleaned manually as the bore dia. is 12.50 mm hence, giving rise to a substantial loss inefficiency of the system.
10 In locations with an average availability of solar energy over-sizing of the system glass tube collectors are not required Higher system sizing is required to get the desired result and therefore added extra cost
11 Heat exchanger not required Heat exchanger required
12 Advanced technology at competitive price Old technology at higher prices
13 Provision of a hot water facility for 350 days a year Provision of a hot water facility for 300 days in a year
14 System life above 5-11 years System life over 25 years
15 Water quality does not affect the system Water quality affects the heating system forming scale over a metal tube
16 Low maintenance High maintenance
17 Grouting of Collectors not required Grouting of collectors are required
18 The collector glass tube absorbers (being cylindrical the incident) absorbs the sun’s rays on the tubes is at 90 degrees throughout the day. Hence peak heat absorption as always The collector fins & tubes (being flat the incident) absorbs sun’s rays is at 90 degrees at noon only for peak absorption
19 System hot water tank only is insulated using polyurethane insulation material, which does not absorb water or moisture Collector & tank insulated with glass wool/ rock wool absorbs moisture & gets wet during monsoons reducing the efficiency of the system